Percomm Capital provides debt advisory and capital solutions to our clients from first mortgages to equity investment.

Percomm Capital is a specialist debt and advisory firm that is dedicated to the development and construction industry. Percomm Capital has relationships with over 100 plus private lenders, family offices and property debt funds.

First Mortgage

For lending requirements that fall outside senior banking criteria we provide asset-backed, privately funded facilities. Our solutions are competitively priced at each stage of the development cycle from land acquisition, to refinance, through construction or equity release. Where pricing is not the main priority our solutions extend to maximising gearing, or moving forward with no or minimal pre-sales.

Mezzanine Debt

Our mezzanine debt solutions allow our clients to maximise their borrowing capacity against property assets by providing a facility that ranks behind a senior bank. Incurring an interest cost, the facility can also be structured as a participating mortgage with a profit share component.

Preferred Equity

Preferred equity solutions are suited to clients that have maximised gearing through registered securities. Capital invested is repaid in priority to ordinary equity without the requirement for a mortgage, although it may be provided as part of an overall solution that also includes mortgage funding.


Providing clients with an equity investment in their projects can facilitate a long-term partnership that matches a funding requirement with a strategic buy-and-hold objective. This arrangement can be put in place from the outset or may flow from earlier involvement as a lender on a project.

The Percomm Experience

Percomm is a partnership model, providing its clients, investors and capital partners with a holistic end-to-end service incorporating;


  • Initial real-estate or project due-diligence
  • Detailed asset or project cash flow, financial and feasibility analysis
  • Designing and structuring capital solutions
  • Sourcing Capital across all elements of the capital structure
    • Senior asset and development finance
    • Stretched senior asset and development finance
    • Junior / Mezzanine asset and development finance
    • Blended senior and mezzanine asset and development finance structures
    • Corporate finance facilities
    • Syndicated facilities
    • Debt Capital Market Offerings
    • Preferred Equity
    • Joint Ventures and Capital Partnerships
    • Project Delivery Structures
  • Designing interest rate risk management strategies
  • Negotiate junior and senior debt arrangements
  • Negotiating transaction documentation
  • Access to the wider Percomm network incorporating Construction, Project Management & Development Management and advisory services
  • Providing a management service for reporting and compliance requirements during the term of a facility or partnership
  • Assisting with settlement requirements upon completion of the investment or the project

Investors and Capital Partners;

  • Real-estate and project due-diligence, identifying, analysing and presenting the Property and Project Fundamentals
  • A sound asset or project cash flow, financial and feasibility analysis competency ensuring accuracy of information presented with no surprises
  • Counterparty due-diligence ensuring proven track records and sound financial standing
  • Partnering with the wider Percomm network enhancing Construction, Project Management & Development Management and advisory competencies ensuring delivery objectives can be satisfied
  • Present a clear and easily understood evaluation of the transaction, defining all risks and mitigation strategies including realistic primary and secondary exit strategies
  • Deliver well designed and sustainable capital structures with appropriate gearing levels to be invested into. Ensuring repayment with the investment horizon
  • Design security transaction structures ensuring primary and secondary exit strategies can be completed incorporating collateral security and other credit enhancing mechanisms where required.

Be rewarded for your support

We value our client relationships and have built a business based on achieving great results. Our Champion Club makes it easy for our clients to recommend our service to their networks and to be recognised for their efforts in doing so. We also look forward to assisting your family, associates, friends and colleagues to obtain the finance that they need and to rewarding you for your goodwill and support. Join online now and become a part of the Club.